Below are frequently asked questions at Crystal Eye Clinic

How often must I check my eyes?

If you have any eye symptoms it is adviseable to see an eye care worker. If you have no symptoms you can check your eyes once a year. If you see an eye care worker he or she will advise when to come again.

If I wear glasses how often must I change it?

Normally your eye glasses should last approx. 2yrs. However before it is changed you’ll be tested. If there’s a change In the power of your lenses it is changed.
If before the 2yrs you observe any change in your vision do please go for a check.

How do I know if I've Glaucoma ?

There’s no way of telling if you have glaucoma unless you go for a check.
However certain kinds of glaucoma (Primary Open Angle Glaucoma or Chronic Simple Glaucoma) run through families. So if you know a family member who has glaucoma it is adviseable to voluntarily go for a check.

Also diabetes and high blood pressure put you at risk of getting glaucoma so if you have any of these diseases it’s adviseable to check your eyes for glaucoma.

How do I know if I've cataract ?

Cataract results from the clouding of the natural crystalline lens in the eye. The clouding can result from normal aging process, or from birth, injury or infection in the eye, from diabetes or excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.
Cataract can develop slowly over years. So you can have cataract and have normal eyesight depending on the stage of the cataract. Symptoms that may alert you that you have cataract include blurred vision, difficult night vision, double vision, fading of colours.
Cataract does not cause pain unless some other conditions exist alongside it